Hydra – Boost Machine Facial

This revolutionary DF machine incorporates the simultaneous use of inontophoresis and sonophoresis currents to provide the skin with maximum penetration of active vitamin A, C and E for the best possible results. Inontophoresis is a completely pain free electrical current that facilitiates greater diffusion of vitamins into the skin. It is used for larger areas such as face and neck.

Sonophoresis invloves the use of sound waves to transport vitamins into the skin cells producing much deeper penetration than conventional ultra-sound. It is used on limited areas such as lines on upper lip or around the eyes. When both methods are combined an intensive hydra-boosts treatment is the outcome. A freshly mixed seaweed mask is then applied, setting into a thick rubberised texture, which then allows us to pass our galvanic current roller over the mask to encourage even deeper penetration of the active anti-oxidants and special vitamins, leaving the skin completely glowing and radiant for many days after.

Amazing results can be seen after only one treatment. A course of 10 – 12 can be had weekly or fortnightly, leading to a monthly maintenance for a continued road of pure anti-age.

Length about 1 hr 30 mins