Apple Smoothing Facial

Do you want to preserve the beauty of your skin: for it to appear radiant and plumped?

Doctor Renaud have designed the Apple programme to target the first signs of ageing, specifically for the under forties and over forties. Each group has their own set of home care moisturisers as well as in the facials.

Discover the apple smoother programme that combines four complementary Apple Extracts, natural apple sugars and pips for an exfoliated smooth and beautiful skin. This cocktail targets the deeper lines and wrinkles for instant well-being. The exhilarating plant complex of Phyto-Endorphins, Anti-puffiness Sweet Orange and an Anti-dark circle Micro-Algae work together to visibly plump and relax the skin, delivering an anti-tiredness effect leaving the skin comfortable and rehydrated.

An ultra-sensorial professional treatment that associates the complementary ingredients to target the 1st wrinkles. This facial contains a Dr.Renaud exclusive massage with a smoothing effect. A smoothing and refreshing mask with rice paper patches impregnated with organic apple which becomes activated with the fresh apple gel.

A refreshing eye gel and serum is then applied followed by a light and velvety cream, skin is visibly relaxed and plumped, this facial gives instant well-being.