Camomile And Lavender Soothing Professional Treatment

Is your skin delicate and uncomfortable?

Is your skin delicate and uncomfortable? Does it react to the slightest thing? Doctor Renaud offers you a programme of soothing skin care with Azulene that has incredible calming properties, to combat that sensitivity, whether it is natural or caused by harsh external factors.

This treatment is especially suitable to the most delicate and sensitive skins. The Camomile, Rose and Lavender have been formulated to reduce redness and respect the fragility of the skin. This also allows the Mallow and Lotus extracts to decrease sensitivity and help skin to defend itself against external aggressions. The ultra-light soothing plant extracts with Jasmine help to soothe and ease any small irritations, reinforcing the skins natural defence mechanism.

The paraben and fragrance free combinations help to give active protection against pollution, leaving the skin feeling calmed, comfortable and refreshed. This facial delivers everything you would expect and more to help THE most fragile and sensitive skins to feel more calm and comfortable.

Length about 1 hr