Lime and Clay Purifing Professional Treatment

Shine? Imperfections? Dull complexion?

Is your skin shiny? Have you got open pores? And is your skin sensitive, yet oily? Do you have constant breakouts? Dr Renaud offers you products with purifying Lime for clear, fresh and matte skin.

The facial starts with a deep cleaning soap-free fresh gel, which cleanses the skin deep down. The Grapefruit seed extract and purifying Lime and fruit have been chosen to purify the epidermis and restore clear skin. The products are alcohol free, combining an astringent complex which tightens and shrinks pores. This treatment is for combination and oily skins and its mattifying agents instantly neutralise shine therefore helping skin to recover its balance of natural bacteria.

The highly purifying serum which is applied during the facial is an SOS for blemishes. The amalgamation of Sulphur, Camphor, Black Cumin and exfoliating Lactic Acid helps restore a natural pH balance. The lime clarifying mask contains two clays which are instantly clarifying and have an absorbent effect; therefore the skin is left luminous, clear and much less oily.

Length about 1 hr