Mulberry Brightening Professional Treatment

Would you like to recover a luminous complexion and fight pigmentation marks?

Would you like to recover a fair, luminous complexion and fight pigmentation marks? Doctor Renaud offers you a complete programme with Mulberry that, at the heart of the phyto-de-pigmenting complex, helps to diminish melanin production and thus reducing pigmentation marks.

A Mulberry treatment starts with a gentle cleanse enriched with Aloe Vera and Camomile. The intense serum is a concentration of brightening active ingredients, helping to soften pigmentation marks and to visibly lighten the complexion. AHA and anti-free radical White Tea Extract help to exfoliate as well as added Vitamin C to reveal radiance.

An intensive mask containing Kaolin and Titanium with a complex of Mulberry helps further reduce sun damage marks. This is an immediate unified, calm and even toned effect for the skin leaving a clear, fresh and luminous glow. The Mulberry range is also very hydrating for dry skin types as it contains Aloe Vera, this will having a healing effect on the skin and lock in moisture

Length about 1 hr