Raspberry And Algisium Hydrating Professional Treatment

Dose your skin feel tight and lack suppleness?

Is your skin tight and lacking suppleness and radiance? Is it telling you that its in need of hydration? Doctor Renaud offers you thirst quenching, delectable, high performance skin care products with refreshing and softening Raspberry.

The Raspberry facial begins with a gentle fresh, soap-free cleansing gel which is good for delicate skins. Raspberry products are alcohol-free and enriched with Cucumber, Witch hazel and Vitamin E to leave your skin perfectly free of make-up. Raspberry toning lotion maintains the skins hydrolipidic film, creating the perfect environment for your skin to accept the radiance quenching serum which contains Honey, Pear, Fig and Passion fruit extracts, targeting the most dehydrated areas of the face. Thanks to the Aligisum and Silicum mask the skin regains its suppleness and comfort.

Length about 1 hr