This highly effective treatment uses a special penta-peptide serum to target frown lines. The unique combination of active ingredients is driven deep into the skin with gentle pulses and sound waves to help soften lines and reduce muscle tension in the forehead.

Bellissima Beauty sells a home care Frown serum with Frown stamper kit for enhanced penetration to the basal layer of the skin which basically is penetrating 10,000 times deeper into the skin.


  • Does not damage the skin
  • Softens lines and wrinkles
  • Tightens the skin
  • Reduces the appearance of scarring
  • Reduces pigmentation marks
  • Encourages disappearance of dilated blood vessels

Do you need help to reduce and soften frown expression lines?

If you are not quite ready to try dermal fillers but want a similar effect, with a more natural, topical skincare product, you will love the ENVIRON FOCUS FROWN SERUM.

The FOCUS FROWN SERUM wont freeze your frown muscles or skin but inhibits muscle contraction helping smooth and relax lines around eyes and forehead. FOCUS FROWN SERUM contains Argireline, Leuphasyl and Vialox which are amazing anti-ageing peptides to reduce depth of wrinkles caused by contraction of muscles, it also helps inhibit calcium uptake to reduce muscle activity, and make muscles less responsive to nerve impulses.

FOCUS FROWN SERUM is a good way to maintain and prolong effects of any dermal filler treatment.

As a salon treatment we use the FOCUS FROWN TREATMENT with Sonophoresis which penetrates the product 40,000 deeper into the skin (this is the equivalent of massaging the skin with products for 70 hours in just one facial). Used specifically around the eyes and lower forehead to reduce frown lines and wrinkles.

Environ has developed a ground-breaking new salon facial treatment to address one of our most worrisome skin concerns, without the need to resort to Botox injections.

Responding to ever increasing demands to reduce the visible signs of ageing, the professionals-only skincare house has developed the Focus Frown Facial, the first salon treatment specifically designed to soften the frown lines that increase in depth as we get older.

The facial provides a safe, alternative approach that assists active ingredients to penetrate the skin sufficiently to target the same chemical complexes as injections, to soften muscle activity in a non-invasive way.  The treatment helps to reduce muscle tension in the forehead area, so that frown lines become smoother, shallower and less prominent, with many people seeing a difference within two hours after their facial.

The Focus Frown Facial involves thorough cleansing and toning followed by application of the Focus Frown Serum, together with a vitamins A and C serum. The therapist concentrates the treatment on lines on the forehead and the lines at the side of the eyes. Delivery of the ingredients into the skin is enhanced by using the powerful skin treatment technology behind Environ Ionzyme machine. This increases the penetration of the frown-inhibiting and skin firming vitamin ingredients applied by up to forty-fold.

A low-frequency sound wave (sonophoresis) is applied for ten minutes via a probe to the eye and frown areas to drive the Frown Serum into the skin. A cool, hydrating alginate masque is then painted over the same area and electrodes attached which deliver a pulsed galvanic current to further increase penetration of the serums. The system ensures that active ingredients easily pass through the horny barrier layer to address the processes involved in wrinkle formation.

Frown lines are expression lines, so most people develop them eventually, but even younger people who are worriers, frequently under stress, or who squint in bright sunlight, show these lines much earlier, says training director Tracy Tamaris. This new treatment enables therapists to achieve a noticeable result even after just one treatment, which also gives clients confidence in the effects that they can maintain by taking home the retail product.

The Environ Focus Frown Facial takes approximately one hour. For the best results a minimum of six sessions is recommended, ideally once to twice a week. This enhances the longevity of effects, especially when used in conjunction with home care Environ products.