Eyelash Tinting & Perming

Eyelash tinting
Eyelash tints are made from vegetable henna, and come in several different colours, deep black, blue-black, blue, brown and charcoal grey, a decision can be made after a discussion about skin and hair tones, and what colours would best suit your lashes and brows.

Eyelash perming
Eyelash perming is a fabulous treatment for giving the lashes a gentle curl, leaving the eyes with a lovely open eyed look. This is a semi-permanent method of curling the lashes and would normally last between 4 – 5 weeks.

The lashes are cleaned, and smoothed and separated onto a small rollers, the perming lotion stays on for 15 minutes, followed by the neutraliser for 15 minutes. The lashes can be safely tinted straight after if desired.

Please Note:
Before any eyelash tint or eyelash perm, we ask you to come to the salon and have a 48 hour patch test, to ensure no allergy exists.