Non-Surgical Face Lifting

At Bellissima Beauty we use the Depilex Mini-Micro machine, because our clients demand immediate results from a non-surgical treatment.

This machine uses a low level micro-current technique to stimulate the cells in the skin and muscles in much the same way as the body’s own signals. The electrical impulses regenerate the cells, moisturise the lower skin layers and retrain muscles so they become toned and reshaped.

The concept of non-surgical lift machines was devised from a similar machine used in hospitals to treat Bels Palsy patients, and when it was noticed that the patients muscles were recovering very well, were more toned and lifted and they had much more confidence to face the world – a new machine was borne for the beauty world.

Amazing results can be seen even after one treatment, and for lasting results, it is best to have a course of twelve, once a week. There is a free treatment with a course of twelve, and we stress that it is very important to continue these facials every 3 -4 weeks for continued reshaping of loose muscles, visibly reducing fine lines and wrinkles, leaving skin smooth and radiant.

Most Commonly Asked Questions:

Does It Hurt ?
Not at all, the probes are applied with pressure within your comfort zone. The electrical current at it’s stongest only gives a slight tingling sensation.

How Many Treatments Will I Need ?
This depends on the extent of the problem you have, and what your main concerns are. At Bellissima Beauty we will firstly carry out a thorough consultation and recommend the best action for your individual needs.

How Many Times Will I Have To Attend The Clinic If A Course Is Recommended ?
Normally once or twice a week will ensure the best results.

How Long Does A Treatment Take ?
A good hour, as we commence every treatment with a full cleanse, tone and facial exfoliate, 45 minutes of the machine, and finish with an eye gel, serum and moisturiser.

How Soon Will I See Results ?
Visible results on the face are usually evident after one treatment. The larger facial muscles take longer to react, and measurable results usually occur around treatment 4 to 6.

How Long Do The Results Last ?
After a complete course we recommend back-up treatments are taken every 3 to 6 weeks to maintain the results.