Calgel is a unique formulation that is fixable and durable. It is a gel system that is cured under a UV lamp, that will strengthen and protect your natural nail. Calgel is designed for natural nails, but you can create length by adding a sculpture with clear Calgel or natural tips.

Colour Calgel, offer referred to as the ever-lasting polish, offers you perfectly groomed nails that wont chip or wear away, which is great for toe nails too. Calgel was designed with a natural nail in mind; it protects and improves the condition of the natural nail.

Available in over 120 colours, no matter how busy your lifestyle you can always have fabulous looking nails. Most Calgel colours have a close matching varnish to keep your nails perfectly groomed, even as they grow out at the cuticle.

For a change of colour, use any of our varnishes over Calgel. This can be easily wiped away with Cleanse Non-Acetone polish remover to return to your undamaged Calgel underneath.