All of our three different waxes used at Bellissima Beauty, are from the most trusted brands, and are produced to a very high quality standard using superior ingredients, and are the most hygenic, effective and easy waxing systems available.

The Australian Body Care range of Tea-Tree wax is used, which has antispetic properties due to the natural essential oil of Tea-Tree it contains. This wax is excellent for sensitive body areas eg: bikini, underarms and upper lip/face and eyebrows – very calming on the skin.

A hot “soft style” honey wax is applied in thicker layers, and sets quickly, this works really well on very tough bikini or underarm hair.Despite the nature of application it does not leave the skin areas feeling irritated or sticky.

Pink Rose Titanium wax is used mainly on larger areas, such as legs arms or backs, although it can still be used for face/lip and eyebrows. This wax is applied in very thin layers, and as the titanium is incredibly soothing, it also means the wax is only mildy warm, non-sticky, gentle and comfortable yet very effective. It removes even the shortest of hairs, giving the desired results.

Before waxing any area, the skin is cleaned and wiped over with Tea-Tree antispeptic wipes, and after waxing skin is hydrated and calmed, with a choice of our after-care moisturisers, ranging from Tea-Tree lotion to Aloe Vera or Witchazel cooling gels. We always use disposable spatulas, strips and recommend our clients use our disposable underwear during the treatment if wished.

To get the best waxing results, the hair needs to be a minimum 1/4 cm in length. The wax will stick to the hair and will be removed cleanly from the follicle leaving a silky, smooth skin.

The “before” preparation of the skin and hair for waxing, can be discussed via telephone if you are not sure of anything,please just call us at Bellissima Beauty and we are always happy to run through any explanations. The “after-care” will be discussed during the treatment regarding perfumed products, bathing, swimming or tanning.